Why it will never catch on here

Every so often, we are told that soccer will be the next big thing in sports here in the United States. I’ve been hearing this for forty years or so. Perhaps my parents and grandparents heard it, as well, but simply ignored it as the ravings of those entranced with the most boring team sport in creation.

Soccer can be fun to play, and requires great athletic skill. But to watch it, without having a brother in the match, or betting your life savings on the outcome, is worse than watching paint dry.

Evidence? This matchup between Sweden and a “country” whose name I always confuse with this product:

Sweden, Trinidad and Tobago Fight to Draw

And that’s “draw” as in zip to zip. No scoring. Bupkus. Nada. By either side.

I trust they handed out pillows prior to this match, and ensured that no fans had sharp objects — a fella could get hurt falling asleep and having his head fall onto a knife or scissors.

One thought on “Why it will never catch on here

  1. Jack,

    Actually, it was an incredibly exciting game. A tiny country with 2001 to 1 odds to win the tournament, playing with their substitute goalkeeper and one man down vs a European power like Sweeden… wow. It was like watching “the Little Engine That Could” playing soccer…

    As for your prediction for the future of the game… you obviously don’t know or don’t get what the U.S. Census tell us America will look like in 50 years, in 100 years. It’s about demographics and ethnic groups that will be prevalent in the future. The game will be HUGE, at first, and then, inexorably, NUMERO UNO.


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