What a difference a year makes

About one year ago, Nancy Pelosi, majority leader for the Donks, expressed outrage about the disgraced Randy Cunningham, a crook who was caught. From her statement, one can just feel the love she must have had for honest and ethical congressmen:

“Mr. Cunningham accepted a bribe to perform an official act – an egregious action that strikes at the very heart of our democracy and dishonors the people he has been elected to represent; it is only proper that he resign.

“This offense is just the latest example of the culture of corruption that pervades the Republican-controlled Congress, which ignores the needs of the American people to serve wealthy special interests and their cronies. The Republican Congress has the wrong priorities; it is time to restore a high ethical standard to the Congress.”

Cunningham is a disgrace, and we are well off not to have such as him darken the halls of Congress. But, as they say, that was then, this is now.

Now we’ve got an unindicted coconspirator, Jack Earmark Murtha, who Pelosi has gone out of her way to support to replace her as Donk majority leader. Shoving aside the principled and honest workhorse, Stehy Hoyer (D-MD). It isn’t that I share Hoyer’s views on taxes, immigration, or much of anything else. It’s just that I know he is honest, which is a quality in short supply on the Hill.

Pelosi is engaging in the lowest kind of ward heeler politics, paying Murtha pack for supporting her in the past. As for Murtha’s qualities, other than having very questionable ethics, let’s let the liberal WaPo describe them. From today’s editorial:

…his descriptions of the stakes [in Iraq] have been consistently unrealistic, and his solutions irresponsible.

He claimed that “stability in the Middle East, stability in Iraq,” would come from such an abrupt withdrawal; in fact, virtually all Iraqi and Middle Eastern leaders have said that it would lead to a greatly escalated conflict that could spread through the region.

And defense is supposed to be Murtha’s strong point. On the matter of ethics, consider this from the Post editorial:

Mr. Murtha would also be the wrong choice as majority leader after an election in which a large number of voters expressed unhappiness with Washington business as usual. Mr. Murtha has been a force against stronger ethics and lobbying rules. He was one of just four Democrats whose votes helped kill a strong Democratic package of lobbying reforms this spring.

As a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee, he has been an avid participant in the orgy of earmarking, including numerous projects sought by a lobbying firm that employed his brother. During the Abscam congressional bribery investigation in 1980, Mr. Murtha was videotaped discussing a bribe with an undercover FBI agent. (“You know, we do business for a while, maybe I’ll be interested, maybe I won’t, you know,” Mr. Murtha said.) He wasn’t indicted, but it’s fair to say the episode raised questions about his integrity.

Well, at least Murtha was an unindicted co-conspirator. We’ll see what might happen, but this is hardly a good start on the part of the newly-minted centrist wannabe Speaker of the House.

Pelosi and the rest of the leadership, with a few exceptions, appear to be all about revenge on those nasty Republicans and the enactment of extreme bills that favor our enemies. The only prediction that seems safe is that the Donks will be all about issuing subpoenas and investigating everything the Republicans have done that falls short of perfection. Which is to say, all of it.

Not terribly useful, and, in a time of war, dangerous. Let’s hear it for the ethically-challenged San Francisco liberal, Nancy.


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