Welcome to the desert of the real

This was one of the tag lines from the original (and, by far best) of the Matrix Trilogy. It’s from the scene where Morpheus shows Neo what reality is, in actuality. The real real, in other words.

Jews, especially those of the liberal political persuasion, appear to need a similar demonstration. Some of my landsmen fret and fuss over perceived slights, and, even, real slights, rendered by morons of various stripe who don’t particularly like Jews. The phenomenon is developed by Charles Krauthammer’s column today. The column focuses on the movie Borat, and the reaction of crypto-anti-Semites to Baron Cohen’s provocations.

There is, to be certain, no love lost towards Jews in much of the American heartland. After all is said and done, many of us are afraid of the “other,” and react badly when confronted with that other. Such it is with the hicks described by Dr. K. And, make no mistake, most liberal Jews, which is to say most Jews, are most definitely the “other” when it comes to Bubba in the Heartland.

In stark contrast, there is very real anti-Semitism in the Muslim world. Virulent, and, potentially genocidal anti-Semitism. Iran’s leaders have announced, time and again, their plan to destroy Israel; it is this use for which their nuclear arsenal-in-progress is planned. Iran’s Arab neighbors will do nothing but cheer the Shiites on to their evil victory; anti-Semitism is the one thing that all sects of Islam seem to agree on. Heartily.

The desert of the real had its creation in the desert of Arabia, in the form of Islam. That virus has now infected a huge swath of the world, very much including all states within missile range of Jerusalem.

That is the real deal; the impolite comments made by half-drunk boors in America don’t make the cut. They are not going to lead to a new Shoah. Islamic states may, unless stopped.


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