"lethal stupidity"

This is a most appropriate phrase, used to describe the more conservative of Britain’s two major political parties’ attitude towards the Islamification of their nation. From Melanie Phillips, citing Tory leader David Cameron, who:

…says in today’s Observer, after his stunt spending two days with a Muslim family in Birmingham, that the term ‘Islamic’ or ‘Islamist’ terrorism is a form of ‘racism or soft bigotry’ and that those who employ such terms

help do the terrorist ideologues’ work for them, confirming to many impressionable young Muslim men that to be a ‘good Muslim’, you have to support their evil campaign.

This is, indeed, in Ms. Phillips’ words, the “lethal stupidity of those who squawk that it is all because of Iraq or Islamophobia, or that to talk about Islamist terrorism is ‘soft bigotry’.”

With reference to a recent book by the British Muslim Ed Hussain (The Islamist), she notes in conclusion:

1) The recruitment to Islamist extremism and terror of large numbers of British Muslims long predated 9/11 let alone Iraq. 2) The British political and media class is criminally negligent and worse in their appeasement and indulgence of HuT and Islamist extremism. Those politicians who refuse to ban it and those newspapers and broadcasters which promote HuT and its ilk have blood on their hands. Those like David Cameron or the British police who refuse to use the term ‘Islamist terrorism’ are doing far more than merely sanitising the language; they are actively conniving in the lie that enables this horror to replicate itself.

And 3), Husain shows that Islam and Islamism are two different things: that it is perfectly possible to be a Muslim who derives spiritual solace from the faith in a way that threatens no-one — and that it is essential to distinguish such Muslims from Islamists and protect the former, along with all of us, from the latter.

Shorter version: not all Muslims are terrorists; Islam may be able to coexist peaceably with the rest of us; weak-minded politicos who, perhaps well meaning, allow political correctness to be used to undermine freedom.


One thought on “"lethal stupidity"

  1. Well,Daniel Pipes has already coined the phrase “education by death” to describe this situation – a class of people so stupid that they need to die in order to get real again.
    The only question is how many will die and when?

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