“I’m a centrist progressive”

Tom Toles 6-18-07
Only a dues-paying member of the Liberalati™ could create a cartoon such as this. Tom Toles is one such, and he is a creative basher of all things good and noble. And, I hasten to add, every once in a while deadly accurate in his renditions of public figures.

This isn’t one of those times, however. This is more typical of his work; an apologia for a fairly extreme lefty in the person of Hillary Clinton. Hillary is good at camouflaging her true nature. She’s been playing pretend “centrist” for several years, basically since her election as a carpet-bag senator from New York.

Toles has her labeled a “centrist progressive.” This is like a square circle; an internal contradiction in terms. A centrist can not be what now passes for “progressive.” This latter term is being used because “liberal” got in such a bad odor over the past few years.

Well, sorry to say this, but to be a “progressive” today is to favor a statist solution for all of our problems: Hillarycare, for example. And to pander to each and every grievance industry, and to treat people not as individuals, but first as members of some well-defined groups.

Hillary is dangerous, because she tries to hide her true colors. If she becomes the Donk nominee, I can see some fireworks as we sustaining members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy attempt to unveil the true “progressive” behind the pretend centrist.


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