Still the best

chrysler_bldgWhen I was growing up in New York City, the Empire State Building was touted as being the true embodiment of New York, its essence so to speak. Well, it’s hard to argue with that. After all, the Empire State Building was the tallest in the world at the time. And it was given the nickname for the proud State of New York, which was, and remains, “The Empire State.”

Well, argue I did, and still do. Being the tallest building doesn’t make it the best. After all, the World Trade Center, brought down by Arab terrorists, was never considered the epitome of New York. Tall the twin towers were; and big they were. But the twin towers were totally lacking in style and grace, and most New Yorkers tolerated them. Most definitely did not love them.

Now we come to the building that was, and remains for me, the best symbol of New York City. Of New York, the Metropolis. The Chrysler Building has style, grace, and a goodly enough height. It is urban beauty executed in steel, glass, and stone. It has yet to be exceeded, except in the grossest of terms — height, floor space, and other utilitarian things that have nothing to do with beauty and symbolism.


One thought on “Still the best

  1. You’re right about that part. Even though the World Trade Center, my buildings because my mother worked right downtown in front of them, was 8 more floors. It wasn’t like a national or real International like attraction or symbol till the I hate to say it, but September 11, 2001 attack. They were more of a add 35 more floors to the buildings only. But the Empire State Building & Chrysler Building added more of creativity to them as well as showed a more Natinonal like symbol along with the Statue of Liberty when coming across the Atlantic Ocean to North America.

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