The Washington Post is a left-leaning part of the mainstream media. Their writers, editorial and news, may be expected to be “safe” on typical lefty issues: abortion on demand; higher taxes for all; more government control and interference in our lives. All gussied up and presented as “good government” or “accountability” or some other code word for the Left’s preference for government solutions to all problems.

That said, every now and again the WaPo will surprise, and show some restraint. Also, When compared to the wretched New York Times, the Post has become one of the few MSM outlets that (usually) provides actual news that does not contain obvious editorializing.

As for the 2008 campaign for president, however, rest assured. The Post will do all in its power to show Republicans in a bad light, and Democrats in soft, soft focus.

They seem especially enamored with Hillary. She is a woman, after all. What must be difficult, in the extreme for the Posties, is to be able to show both Obamarama and Hill in a good light — when the candidates themselves are doing their level best (or crooked best in the case of Clinton) to rip each other’s throats out.

As for the Republicans, expect more stories that cast some or all of them in a bad light. Remember, this is in the “news” section. Case in point, a front page story that is not news to some of us Republicans. The headline has the virtue of being (mostly) true: Evangelicals Lukewarm Toward GOP Field.

Once again, the Posties, who seem to not realize that all Christians must evangelize as part of their faith (Matthew 28:19, also called the Great Commission), simply wish to paint all of the Republicans as being unelectable.

It may be true that some evangelicals say things such as has been attributed to James Dobson. That is, some evangelicals will supposedly support a third-party candidate if Rudy in the standard bearer.

Maybe. You can always find those who wait for the perfect nominee. Evangelicals don’t differ on this than any other interest group. Unfortunately for these lonely evangelicals, Jesus, the truly ideal candidate, is fully booked. Waiting for a candidate to pass a purity test, on virtually any issue, usually means you’ve got a long, long wait.

As for the Posties, it’s curious that the Republican candidate who is most likely to be elected, Rudy Giuliani, is painted in a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” commentary. The Post found an evangelical who makes pandering sound like something Rudy should be doing:

“Every other candidate has been at least pandering at some level. I am not aware of a single effort [by Giuliani’s campaign] to reach out to evangelicals, or Catholics for that matter.”

Bad, bad Rudy. Not pandering.


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