Boo-hoo, redux

Yet another article from the WaPo, reminding us of the plight of Arabs in the Middle East. This particular one is especially egregious, given the almost uniformly hostile reception that Jews had when they re-founded Israel in 1948. And by “hostile” I mean armed attack.

The headline for this sob story? “For Israel’s Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion.” The story goes on to relate how some Arabs are marginalized and may not enjoy the full benefits of Israeli citizenship. In essence, a story that any left-leaning outlet like the WaPo runs about any and all minority groups.

What is especially egregious? The fact that virtually all Jews were kicked out from all Arab countries, so there isn’t even the possibility of a reverse headline. There not being many Jews, at all, in places such as Syria or Jordan. The basic reason for all this? Except for a pitiful remnant in most Arab countries, with the exception of Israel, the Middle East has become judenfrei.

You never hear of these Jews for the simple reason that Israel, and other nations that took them in, did just that: accepted the Jews who formerly had been living in Arab lands, and made them full citizens. Unlike the Arab nations that border Israel, who kept the Palestinian Arabs hostage in refugee camps, and did not accept them as citizens.

Israel is hardly perfect. Some of its citizens obviously don’t have full rights. But know this: any citizen of Israel has more rights than any citizen of any Arab country.


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