Say it ain’t so

Bill Clinton, not telling the truth? Say it ain’t so, Obama. The latest dustup between Obama and the Clinton machine is reported here. As usual in the Democrat ranks, it’s pretty much about nothing.

In this case, the ideological purity about how Obama was against the Iraq war since he was in his mother’s womb, or something like that. What Barack Hussein Obama actually said about Bubba was that “He continues to make statements that are not supported by the facts .”

It’s gotten to the point where the Great White Whale of the Democrat establishment, Ted Kennedy, has had to step in. From Newsweek:

Prominent Democrats are upset with the aggressive role that Bill Clinton is playing in the 2008 campaign, a role they believe is inappropriate for a former president and the titular head of the Democratic Party. In recent weeks, Sen. Edward Kennedy and Rep. Rahm Emanuel, both currently neutral in the Democratic contest, have told their old friend heatedly on the phone that he needs to change his tone and stop attacking Sen. Barack Obama,

Leaving aside Kennedy’s total absence of moral authority (Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment), what this illustrates is the package deal that voters will get with Hillary: it’s be a new co-presidency, just like the one that Hillary would have us believe took place in during Bubba’s two terms.

Considering the total lack of substance in any and all of the accusations by both sides, this sorry business should also remind voters that the Democrats have become totally enmeshed in the politics of group identity, in which some groups, most especially blacks, are above any criticism.

The good news for all Americans is that Hillary looks like she’ll win the nomination, now that the most effective politician of his generation, Bill Clinton, is in the fray. Why is this good news? Because Hillary will be easier to beat than Obama, who will use his blackness as protective coloration. Also, in case she wins, at least she won’t need on-the-job training. She’ll be able to turn to Bill for help.

Hill, just don’t hire any good-looking female interns…


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