Interesting exercise in the bastard child of advertising and politics in today’s WaPo.  Note that they pin “lack of warmth” on John McCain, but not on Ice  Queen Hillary.

As for elitist Obama, it’s no surprise that his brand would be associated with a Beamer or an Apple computer.

However, the Chicago Cubs are the antithesis of the Obama brand.  He’s a ChiSox guy; the successful baseball team on the South Side favored by folks who don’t know or can’t find where Addison and Clark are.   the Cubs are more the favorite of the clingy working and middle-class folks, always hanging on until next year.

The Cubs have class; The Sox play ball on the Soutside, which says it all.  Obama has precious little of true class.  He’s got the kind of class you can buy; not the kind that’s earned.


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