That other HRC

That’s the Canadian Human Rights Commission, at the forefront of a nervous nation that can stand up to anything except Islam in its midst. Seems that the so-called Human Rights Commission has brought up Mark Steyn and Maclean’s magazine on charges of “flagrant Islamophobia.”

Some of the sordid details of this assault on free speech may be found in this Pajamas Media post by Kathy Shaidle. Must reading; follow the links to see how deep and wide runs the sewer of political correctness north of the border.

Steyn and Maclean’s will stand trial June 2 before a British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. For what some dhimmi Canadians believe to be hateful speech, but which Americans recognize as free speech. But then, Canadians aren’t Americans, are they?

They are, apparently, fearful. Afraid to offend anyone who isn’t of English or Scottish descent. Those are fair game. What takes the prize? The attempt to order Maclean’s magazine to print Islamic propaganda, to, allegedly, balance Mark Steyn.

Is Maclean’s fair and balanced? Don’t know, and it is not important. If jihadi sympathizers want to put forward their side, have at it. But not in someone else’s journal. Free speech means no government interference.

In a free society, which Canada apparently is not, one says and writes what you wish. Preferably that which is true. It’s simple. If I publish something that is insulting to you, and it is false, you can sue me for defamation or libel. If you can prove that it is both false and has done damage.

Publishing the truth may be inconvenient. Which is where government tyranny, in the form of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, comes to the fore. Looking more and more like the Soviet Union, I’m afraid to say.

O Canada — you don’t have the right not to be insulted. Rejoin the community of free nations. And don’t be afraid of insulting Islam, or any other religion or ideology. Be more afraid of Islam unbound. The caliphate is coming, and it isn’t coming at the point of a sword in this hemisphere. It’s coming on soft, padded cat’s paws, through legal intimidation and outbreeding us Anglos.


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