Flag etiquette

There’s a classic apologia for insincere politicos who wear the flag when it suits them, but whose patriotism is more akin to a suit of lights that they put on only when before a crowd.

The theme is allegedly the broader one of use, and abuse, of our national banner. The post-modern piece is in the WaPo, of course. And while it is ostensibly about the flag, it’s really about what a patriot Barack Hussein Obama is. From this piece, which should have had a pro-McCain article to balance it:

Obama was grilled about his failure to regularly sport a flag pin by Charles Gibson of ABC News during an April debate. Advisers to Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and John McCain agreed that it could become “a major vulnerability if you’re the candidate in November,” Gibson said. “How do you convince Democrats that this would not be a vulnerability?”

Obama came back with a spirited defense of his love of country and his patriotism. He called the lapel-pin question a distraction from the serious issues facing the country. But although the focus on that particular piece of the senator’s attire ebbed as he wrapped up the Democratic nomination, rumors questioning the first African American presidential nominee’s patriotism have continued to dog his campaign.

The lapel-pin flap is little more than a political ploy. Does anyone seriously believe that a popular U.S. Senator from the Midwest does not love his country because he doesn’t (or didn’t) wear a flag pin every time he puts on a suit? But since this non-issue involves the American flag, it receives loads of media attention and resonates with those who want to believe the worst about Obama.

Can’t you just feel the tingle about Obamarama going up your leg? Well, for those who swallow this brand of ObamaTown KoolAid, here’s one American’s take on it.

Wearing a flag lapel pin: quite right. The wearing of a pin, by itself, means nothing. However, making a big deal about not wearing one, and then showing up surrounded by dozens of flags, while wearing one, says something about Obama’s (lack of) character.

I agreed with Obama on the point that the wearing of a pin is not a substitute for patriotism. A better test of patriotism? Look at our actions, at what we support, over our careers. Obama has not supported this nation; he has supported a back-to-Africa, Afrocentric radical “church.” In this he has shown he is not a patriot of any sort.

I love my nation; I love my nation’s flag. I was taught the Navy’s code for protecting the colors, and for always showing respect. For not wearing the flag in any way that would soil it — like the moron I saw wearing a flag as a sweatband yesterday; probably thought he was the great patriot.

Barack Hussein Obama’s use of the flag as a political prop is especially offensive. He soils it by using it for crass political purposes, never having served under its banner. In fairness, Bill Clinton did this, as have many others. But all presidents up until now, and all major party candidates, have served or had patriotic bona fides which Obama lacks.

Obama, never having served in anything except the increase-the-welfare brigade, and having been raised overseas, can’t be expected to know flag etiquette. But we can, and should, expect that our next commander-in-chief know these things.


One thought on “Flag etiquette

  1. Amen. I’m all about loving the American flag…and i definitely would think the President would know the etiquette. Can’t expect too much these days though. Nice rant…enjoyed it!

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