We are not Spaniards

One of Obama’s campaign staff advises us in today’s WaPo that al-Qaeda would just love to provide for us an October surprise in the form of a successful attack on U.S. soil:

Bin Laden and his partners in crime would be glad to stage spectacular attacks at any time against a U.S. target, at home or abroad, as long as the assets are ready. An election could further goad them on.

D’ya think? This is in the category of “sun to rise in the east today.” Having stated the obvious, the author then rattles on as to how it is unclear which candidate might be helped, or harmed, by such an attack.

Being a good supporter of The One, the author gives an even-handed guess that it’s unclear which candidate, if any, might benefit from an attack. Or, for that matter, who gets the coveted al-Qaeda endorsement (Barack Hussein Obama having already locked up the Hama endorsement):

Some on the right say that bin Laden is rooting for Obama, dismissing him as untested; some on the left say that al-Qaeda would prefer McCain, assuming that he’d sink deeper into the Iraq quagmire and further drive angry Muslims to bin Laden’s banner. For now, the group has kept mum. But we should expect to hear more from al-Qaeda, violently or otherwise, before November.

The author also mentions Charlie Black, who had the integrity to state what should be obvious (via the L.A. Times):

Asked about the political impact of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, Black replied: “Certainly it would be a big advantage to him [McCain].”

While this Kool-Aid drinker claims that it’s maybe-yes, maybe-no, he opens his piece with the sorry story of the feckless Spaniards. Who cut and run as soon as they could after the heinous March 11, 2004 terror attacks.

The obvious inference? As goes Spain, so shall we go. If Arab terrorists strike us just before our election, we will surrender as soon as we can put ink to paper. Well, perhaps the author has been absorbing the notion from The One that we are all “citizens of the world.” That we are all the same, sharing the same goals, working for that great getting up morning when the lion shall lay down with the lamb and all shall be at peace.

To which I can only say, politely, nothing. The notion that we are likely to do the same as the cowardly Spaniards is just that: a leftist One-Worlder notion. The Spanish have tasted our Anglo-Saxon wrath since 1588*, and have been in worldwide retreat since then.

And that’s the essential difference: although we may hear “press one for English…” we remain, at heart, an Anglo-Saxon nation. And when attacked, will respond in kind.

We. Are. Not. Spaniards.

* A felicitous date: the defeat of the “invincible” Spanish Armada occurred on August 8, 1588 — 8-8-88.


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