Rudy talkin’ ’bout Sarah

As a native New Yorker and a bridge-and-tunnel guy to boot, I’ve always been a great fan of Mayor Rudy. He was my first choice for president, even though he is socially liberal. Call it Outer Borough loyalty: Rudy from Brooklyn; me from the Bronx.

But that was last year, and now Rudy is a solid supporter of John McCain. Most importantly, Rudy is the real deal. And here’s what he says about Sarah Palin (via The Corner):

Governor Palin represents a new generation. She’s already one of the most successful governors in America – and the most popular. And she already has more executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket. She’s led a city and a state. She’s reduced taxes and government spending. And she’s actually done something about moving America toward energy independence – taking on the oil companies while encouraging more energy exploration here at home. Taxpayers have an advocate in Sarah Palin – she even sold the former governor’s private plane on E-Bay.

Well said, Mr. Mayor.


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