How about The One?

There’s a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll with this headline:

WSJ/NBC Poll: Voters Doubt Palin’s Qualifications to Be President

The salient result? 49% of all respondents said the Alaska governor is not qualified [to be president] while 40% said she is. Do tell.

What might be the result if, instead of “Sarah Palin” the choice was a two-year governor of a state who had prior executive experience? Without any mention of the governor’s conservative, pro-life views? Thanks to the MSM, Gov. Palin has been presented as toxic, so it’s hardly surprising that 49% found her “not qualified.”

Now imagine a poll taken, again without names, presenting two candidates side-by-side: a two-year governor; a three-year senator, the latter with no executive experience whatsoever. Barack Hussein Obama is not qualified to be vice president, let alone president.


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