Country First

We’ll take our marbles and go home. That seems to be the cry from the House Republicans who claimed that Nancy Pelosi “poisoned” the bailout bill. Wah. Wah.

What happened to “country first?” Apparently, for some Republicans, not if it allows their enemy, the Dread Pirate Speaker Pelosi, to claim credit for the bailout. Well, they showed Pelosi and Company. They’re going to burn the house down rather than allow the Dems to claim victory.

That said, how was it that there were 95 nay votes from the Democrats? Answer: Nancy Pelosi is a terrible Speaker of the House. Can’t control her own minions.

Was the bailout bill that just failed a good bill? Nope. Was it an essential measure that might have been our last best hope to avoid a total meltdown? Yep.

Perhaps John McCain can step up and provide adult leadership here to both sides. They sure aren’t getting it from Nancy Pelosi. And let’s not blame this failure on 12 Republicans, when 95 House Democrats voted against their own leadership.

Country first, people. Hold your noses and do the right thing to restore Main Street’s confidence that Wall Street will stop screwing them.


One thought on “Country First

  1. Wall Street is universally hated right now. Good luck selling this. The congress folks know they’ll be looking for a job if it passes. Finally populism wins one!

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