Here’s the “spend” part

“Tax and spend.” This has been the nature of Democrats for generations. Nothing has changed, except now we’ve got the current Democrat candidate claiming to “lower taxes for 95 per cent of working families.” Uh huh.

For starters, good luck on finding 95 per cent of working families actually paying taxes. The figure is more like 80 per cent, but facts are such inconvenient things. Any left-wing Democrat, such as Obama, who promises to cut taxes should be considered a knave and a liar.

The last Democrat to actually cut taxes was the centrist Bill Clinton, but we all saw how he was treated by the Obamatons (c.f. “what a fairy tale”). As for spending, even the left-of-center Financial Times has noticed that Obama has made some budget-busting promises:

“Well, there are a range of things that are probably going to have to be delayed,” he [Obama] said. Instead of mentioning what these might be, however, he went on: “There are some things that I think have to be done.” What were they? Investment in alternative energy; universal healthcare; investment in education; investment in science and technology (“China had a space launch and a space walk”); affordable college; investment in roads, bridges, and “broadband lines that reach into rural communities”; a new electricity grid.

If we make the grave mistake of electing this untried and radical neophyte, not only will it embolden our enemies overseas. It will produce economic body blows that will hurt every single American who is not on welfare.

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