“Obama Team Seen As Tough on Darfur”

Tough as nails, baby. Oh yeah. They’re going to send those folks in Khartoum a really, really, really nasty note. With an apology added, of course. Wouldn’t want to alienate them, after all. Who are we, as Yankee imperialists, to dictate to another, equally worthy culture such as the Arabs of Sudan?

The title is taken from the Obamatons who edit the WaPo, with this complete headline on the front page today: Sudan’s Leaders Brace for U.S. Shift; Obama Team Seen As Tough on Darfur. Yes, of course. But, as they say, talk is cheap. Fighter planes and troops are expensive.

Examples of tough talk from the Obamatons? From the WaPo story:

Hillary Rodham Clinton, the nominee for secretary of state, has called for a NATO-enforced no-fly zone to “blanket” Darfur in order to prevent Sudanese bombing of villages. The appointee for U.N. ambassador, Susan E. Rice — a key Africa adviser to the Clinton administration during the 1994 Rwandan genocide, when President Bill Clinton was sharply criticized for failing to act — has pushed for U.S. or NATO airstrikes and a naval blockade of Sudan’s major port to prevent lucrative oil exports. Rice has vowed to “go down in flames” advocating tough measures.

Right. We’ll just suspend all ops in Afghanistan (which The One has declared under-served by U.S. ground forces) and Iraq. And, of course, our NATO allies who do just about zip in Afghanistan, are going to salute smartly and provide forces for Darfur?

Don’t think so. What would I do? I’d give Sudan two days notice, and then start bombing Khartoum. It won’t take too many sorties before they cry “uncle.” And I’m not talking about bombing strategic military targets. There aren’t any. Just bomb them into the Stone Age. Oh, that’s right. They’re already there.

Sudan is a pest hole, of no strategic value to the United States. Which is why none of this will happen, or should happen. And why “tough talk” is just words.

Obamatons: first stand up for American interests. Then you can worry about the rest of the world.


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