Thuggery Bowl

Has anybody else noticed that about three of four of all players in yesterday’s Super Bowl were black? And that there seemed to be an inordinate number of bonehead moves that resulted in penalties? The worst was late in the fourth quarter, when a Steeler thug continued punching a downed Cardinal player well after the play had been blown dead.

That penalty almost cost the Steelers the game, since at the time they were backed up to their own goal line, and would have, but for the penalty, broken out on a great pass reception. Number 92 was the thug’s number; I forget his name. Made me almost root for the Steelers to lose.

But, hey, it’s just a game, right? A billion dollar game. Throughout the game, I noticed thuggish behavior from the mostly black players: chest pounding on routine plays, obscene displays of “look at me” on good plays. The best you could say about this is that the NFL has become a home for ghetto dwellers who haven’t a clue about good sportsmanship.

Perhaps it’s something about black “culture.” Something that celebrates the trash-talking and obscene displays of ego; something that hits an opponent when he’s down. Perhaps it’s simply the culture of the NFL: win at any cost, crossing the color barrier as a virus.

Back in the day, before the NFL had any blacks, there were always stories about hell-raising players. Guys like Bobby Layne, and others, who came up from working-class origins and who were never what you might call gentlemen. But they could play.

And that, I suppose, is the moral. If a guy has the skills and is the best at those skills, he’ll play in the NFL. Not all NFL players are thugs, of course. There are still gentlemen, sportsmen, who go about their jobs on the field with skill, grace, and honor. They have become a pitifully small remnant in today’s NFL.

If any think I’m obsessed with the racial makeup of the NFL, I’m just making the observation that it does not look at all like America. Put this another way: if blacks were under-represented in some endeavor that was considered valuable to the extent they are over-represented in the NFL, a great cry would arise across the land about this manifest evil.


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