Tim Geithner must go

Running for office may be tough, but governing is a lot tougher. Welcome to the Bigs, Barack Baby. Now that Tom Daschle has wisely removed himself from what would surely have been a nasty confirmation hearing, Larry Kudlow at NRO has it just right:

For all of Mr. Geithner’s apparent skills and knowledge and other professional qualifications, he still has a tremendous ethical problem. Pres. Obama has made much of the need for a new era of responsibility and ethics. Obama is right. But Mr. Geithner is wrong. He should follow Daschle and Killefer by submitting his resignation.

This is a matter of personal character and accountability. It is a matter of honesty. Too many of our leaders suffer big deficits in these areas.

Pres. Obama should wipe the slate clean with a Geithner resignation. No one is irreplaceable. There are no supermen.

Geithner most likely is going nowhere. But he has succeeded in lowering my opinion of Obama, if that was possible. Can any citizen trust the Internal Revenue Service to be a fair and impartial arbiter of the tax laws, knowing that they report to a tax cheat?

I understand that we conservatives lost the election. But Obama campaigned on “change,” a cleaner government (even if a lot more of it). Personnel selections like Tim Geithner simply reflect on Obama’s fear of failure: go with a successful man, even if that success includes pesky little things like cheating on his taxes.

Obama is a rookie, and he keeps making rookie mistakes. All that he is good for is running to promote himself. Perhaps he’s the one who should resign: at least Joe Biden doesn’t seem to think he’s the new messiah.


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