Didn’t hamper the op too badly

The best you can say about Obama’s role in the successful operation to free Captain Richard Phillips is that he didn’t remain in the way.

That’s right: remain in the way. Armed action should have been taken as soon as the Navy was on-scene with snipers. Which would have been at least two days before action was finally taken. The anti-military rookie was briefed 17 times, but refused to commit to armed action unless and until “the captain’s life was in immediate danger.”

This from the sycophantic WaPo story headlined “An Early Military Victory for Obama.” Now I’m not a special forces veteran; don’t even play one on television. But I’ve enough military training to know this: when an armed enemy has one of your men under armed guard in a lifeboat, that’s pretty much a lock on a clear and present danger to our man’s life.

In short, military action at this level should not have been delayed by a matter of days by Obama. It should have been a standing order to our Naval forces in the Indian Ocean that piracy against Americans is an act of war against the United States, and that local commanders are authorized to use any means necessary to secure American lives and property.

Period. To claim any credit for what ought to have taken place days earlier is to give Obama credit he does not deserve. Actually, it is blame he deserves for unnecessarily prolonging a hostage crisis.

The success belonged exclusively to our Navy SEALs and to Richard Phillips. Thank God we have men such as these.


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