Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

Brought to us by the moral midgets who gave us the Inquisition and Franco, and who have been pissed at the world since the Spanish Armada couldn’t find its way to England in 1588, Spain’s attorney general has apparently decided that you can’t really prosecute people for policy decisions.

The story in the Wall Street Journal is whimsically titled “‘Bush Six’ Get Some Love From the Spanish AG”. The Spaniards, in high moral dudgeon, appear to be hacked off about Guantanamo, our country-club prison for unlawful combatants. Yes, country-club. Complete with un-flushable korans (even the sewage doesn’t want this garbage…) and three hots and a cot for all of the miscreants.

Just so awful, those yanqui imperialist warmongers. Not perfect like us Spaniards. Spain, a one-time world power, is now a pipsqueak among nations, and loves to hear itself pretend to be a real nation one more time. Spain, that folded like a cheap suit after a single major terror attack and changed to an appeasement regime. Cowards they remain.

Douglas Feith, one of those accused by Spain of the crime of keeping a real nation, the United States, safe, has captured the essence of why the Spaniards are way out of their league and are attempting to violate our sovereignty. Not to mention violating common sense.

The bottom line? Mr Feith and other American policy-makers have done nothing wrong. Would others in their positions have come to different conclusions and recommendations? Perhaps. But Mr Feith, and others, are accountable under American laws. Laws made by Americans through our elected representatives. With checks and balances. It would be a throwback to fascist Spain to insist that those who had no say in making laws in Spain should be placed under their yoke.

Some Spaniards are apparently slow learners. Tend to your own knitting Spain; leave us alone.


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