Czars not in charge

Looks as though I was right back in January, when I wrote “Influential Advisors May Compete with Cabinet”:

Well, the unqualified Obama did win the White Guilt election, and will be our next president. And he’s going to make a dog’s breakfast of it, if his staffing preferences are any indication. Not that he does not have some good, solid people already named for the cabinet-level posts. It’s just that by having West Wing “czars,” the cabinet secretaries are clearly not going to be the ones in charge of their respective areas.

My hope is for chaos in the White House. Better that, than to have the rookie try to control the three-ring circus and experiment in areas that can, and will, result in a deeper recession and will embolden those who would attack us.

Well, the czars among us have proliferated. Not having run even a lemonade stand, The Great One is governing by committees of committees. Committees are bad enough; they’re a classic bureaucratic side-step to avoid being held accountable. But having two sets of committees, one in the West Wing and another in one or more cabinet-level departments is just plain stupid.

Obama has bowed and scraped before the world’s shitheel despots, the latest glad-handing huggy bear being with the ranting runt Hugo Chavez. Obama has shown he can’t lead, he can’t manage (no competent manager sets up two power centers to deal with the same issue, each with competing sets of staff), he has never done anything except self-promotion.

We are left with the left-most agenda in American history, run by a motley collection of people who believe that if we just have enough committees and czars, then it won’t matter that we bankrupt America while inviting terror attacks from the Islamic world.


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