The self-flagellation continues

The Obamatons are about to release up to 2,000 photos of alleged prisoner abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan. The story in the Telegraph (UK) gives some background on the infighting in the administration.

This is a clear cave-in to the rabid Left. Of which Barack Hussein Obama, it is becoming clear, is a dues-paying member.

The probable effect of the release of any information that will be used by our enemies? Well, they’re not going to sing kumbayah with us anytime soon; they’re not going to say, “gosh and golly, those Americans are just so honest now that they’ve got a man named Hussein at the helm, we’re going to lay down our arms.”

No. The likely effect will be the perfunctory riots and condemnations among the seething masses in the Islamic world, and the use of any images deemed exceptionally degrading to Muslims as a recruiting tool.

What should we have done? Nothing. Say nothing; admit nothing; release nothing. Keep our enemies guessing. If anything, leak misinformation that many, many prisoners died, preferably while being forced to eat bacon and having sexual congress with dogs.

Will the release of so-called prisoner abuse information make us safer? No; just the opposite. Will it make some lefties feel better? Yep; which is why it’s being done.

The self-flagellation of America continues, led by the apologizer-in-chief, B.Hussein Obama.


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