“God hates fags”

fangsActually, I think I prefer “God hates fangs.” But for some folks from Westboro (Kansas) Baptist Church, God really, really hates homosexuals, schools named after alleged homosexuals, and, for that matter, pretty much all of America.

Just yesterday they protested at Walt Whitman high school in upscale Bethesda, Maryland. Why, you ask? Because Walt Whitman, the great American writer, may have been homosexual. May have been.

Westboro’s message is that God hates all sinners, and that includes America due to its rampant culture of, well, sin is the correct word according to them.

I attend a Baptist church, and, friends, Westboro’s minions are not, to put it mildly, my kind of Baptist. Or Christian, for that matter. Or, taking it to the max, decent human beings. Leaving aside the politically correct drivel that passes for teaching at Walt Whitman high school, God does not hate the school, its students, or, even, dare I say, the teachers unions. Although the last may be a stretch, even God has his limits…

Serious point? God is love. Period. God hates sin; loves sinners without reservation. Does this mean that all of us get to heaven, i.e. to be with God for all eternity after we die? I don’t think so, for the simple reason that God may love each and every one of us, but He’s still got His standards. And God’s love isn’t the same as what we humans think of as love.

God loves us, but is not about to reward the unrepentant sinner. He or she will be punished after death, somehow. My guess is that those who refuse to abandon sin, and repent, will spend eternity in permanent separation from God. Something I would call hell. I’m not certain of this, of course, but I’ve always been a fan of Pascal’s Wager, which makes a lot of sense to me.

In the here and now, claiming that God hates homosexuals is to take His name in vain. A very great sin, indeed. So, to Westboro Baptist Church, some small advice: Matthew 7:5

One thought on ““God hates fags”

  1. I’m a Catholic myself…and I totally agree with your sentiments regarding the WBC….wrote my own blog yesterday as a matter of fact about those nuts…just click on my name in the comment and you’ll be taken to my blog

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