…and I believe in the Tooth Fairy

This explains a lot about the faith of our rookie president. Via Impromptus, this quotation from He who Bows and Scrapes when Abroad:

“When it comes to climate change, George Bush didn’t believe in climate change. I do believe in climate change, I think it’s important.”

An unfortunate choice of words, perhaps? After all, B. Hussein Obama has informed us that he is a Christian, not a muslim. Look, did he not attend a “church” that used the names “Trinity” and “Christ”?

Well, whether Obama is actually a Christian is between God and Obama. I’ve got my doubts, and not because Obama claims to believe in something wished for but not proven (global warming, as against the actual cooling trend over the past decade). We’ll let science decide, not faith.

As for Obama, it is quite clear that the only thing that he truly believes in is himself. His virtue (“I’m not Bush!”) and his willingness to abase his country (“I was only three months old at the time…”) while placing himself above any unpleasantness that America may have done or been accused of.

Obama clearly is not my president, as he distances himself from my country. But I’m so glad he believes in global warming. I’d hate to think he would not obey the Gospel of St. Al Gore.


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