“dressed down in sneakers”

Michelle Obama may now be proud of her country: she’s helping the poor directly. In good hypocritical fashion, the Great One’s wife, according to the WaPo, “dressed down in sneakers” for an appearance at a local food bank. She is quoted thusly by her slavering admirers at the Obama Post:

This is just one very important, very visible example of how a group of people can come together and feed thousands of kids.

No argument with this sentiment. But when Michelle “dressed down” she was wearing sneakers by Lanvin that apparently cost $540. I wonder how many meals that money might have provided for the homeless?

But, hey, a girl has got to have shoes now, doesn’t she? I don’t begrudge anyone spending their money as they see fit. I just wish that the Obamas would let us regular folks do this. I also must ask about the girl’s judgment: what kind of a fool wears such expensive shoes when she is going to mingle with truly needy folks?


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