That’s just crazy talk

I’m sure that the Obamatons are in heaven. The Great One has decreed that the misbegotten corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) scam will now be on steroids. The 39 mpg requirement by 2016 sounds just grand. Until one actually shops for actual cars, as we’ve been doing these past few days.

Being actual Americans, as opposed to those who think they live in the fantasy Land of Obama wherein there are never any negative consequences for any actions by the government, we need a car that is within our price range, safe, reliable, practical, and economical. In that order.

Since we’re not on welfare and can’t get the car as a gift, and since we’ve only got one car, we have to make real-world tradeoffs. The Kia Soul is quite impressive, for an econobox. And it would be high on my list as a second car for local errands. Right behind the Honda Fit, which is an exquisite machine for the price.

Again, these are cars not suited for long-distance driving at real-world speeds. And, as small as they are, neither achieves the planned average fleet fuel economy of 39 mpg. In simple terms, about half of all cars will need to get more than 29 mpg (writing “about half” since the CAFE is an average, not the median).

Yes, I realize it’s not 2016. But in seven years, who besides someone whose critical faculties have been blinded by the Lightworker in the White House would realistically predict that those among today’s smallest cars will be tomorrow’s gas guzzlers? Or that actual Americans will buy cars that are basically not available today? Cars that will, if development costs are factored in to their sticker price, will not induce many sane folks to buy them.

Right; I forgot. Uncle Sam will make up the difference. Meaning you, me, and the other three taxpayers left in Obamaland after the Socialist-in-Chief is done with us. As for me right now, we’ll probably get a new small SUV, something that will be lucky to achieve 25 mpg. But a vehicle that won’t kill us if we’re hit by any of the millions and millions of larger cars and trucks now on the roads. As for the rest of the country, good luck with the thought-free project of assuming that the American fleet will come close to doubling its mileage.

Oh, right. The Chevy Volt will save us…

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