‘Recklessness Cloaked in Righteousness’

‘Recklessness Cloaked in Righteousness’ is Dick Cheney’s close to a perfect summary of Barack Obama’s approach to the Islamist threat to the West. I write “approach” because in no way shape or form can Obama be construed as actually fighting for Western values.

No, friends. He’s not fighting, except to get the bien pensants of Europe and elsewhere to think highly of us. Actually, I’m certain that Obama would, in his innermost being, be just as happy if the Euros were to merely think highly of him. After all, as we should know by now, history only began in America when he took the oath of office.

It’s Year Zero of the Great One’s Reign. All hail St. Barack. And let’s not be afraid of silly things like loose nukes or bio weapons or planes flown into buildings. That’s just a postmodern construct; so long as the world likes us, we’ll all be just fine…


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