Nasty letter to follow

The Norks have detonated their second nuclear device. Chances are it was crude, and they almost certainly lack a credible delivery system. Yet. But make no mistake, they’re working on it. Dear Leader insists on it.

Our Dear Leader may have glommed on to the notion that tyrannical regimes like North Korea and Iran are simply not going to sit down and have tea and biscuits because he, The Great One, speechifies prettily. May have, but I think it unlikely. No; the Nork fists very much remain in the clenched mode.

Obama is cited by Reuters as saying that “he said his administration would work through the U.N. Security Council and the six-party talks on North Korea to address the issue.” Uh-huh. That will work just fine.

Speeches are fine; they can help muster public support for action. But first there must be action, and not more of the same useless blather in the Untied Nations and with the worse-than-useless six-party talks. Why worse-than-useless? Because the interests of China are to keep Korea divided, South Korea and Japan down, and the United States out of the Chinese sphere of influence.

Talks of any sort, unless backed up by muscle, simply buy the Norks more time to work on their nuclear arsenal and their delivery systems. Work that will proceed apace. Despite Obama’s seemingly harsh rhetoric. For the simple reason that the Norks (and Iran) no that there is no spine in Obama to back up any rhetoric.

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