“It’s all about ‘Buy American'”

Warren Michigan Mayor FoutsCan’t blame a guy for trying. In this case, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, James R. Fouts, is trying to woo General Motors, soon to be a joint ObamaGovernment-United Auto Workers socialist enterprise, to move their corporate headquarters from Detroit to Warren. Sounds like a no-brainer, if only to get GM’s employees out of perhaps the worst run and least safe city in America.

The story in the WaPo includes the silly-on-its face demand by Mayor Fouts that Warren city employees buy cars only from the Big Three (actually, the Post did not do its due diligence here — it’s only the Mayor’s political appointees to whom the edict applies).

As we see from the picture, Fouts is being all patriotic; his mantra being “It’s all about ‘Buy American.'” So we presume this means a Chrysler, Ford, or GM product. Does Fouts include Big Three cars manufactured out of the country? As, for example, quite a few GM cars are, in Canada.

Is Chrysler, soon to be owned by the Italian company Fiat, actually still “American?” Is a Toyota built in America not “American” because its corporate home is in Japan? It’s all sooo confusing…

I wish Mayor Fouts well; his town’s welfare depends on the health of the Big Three. They catch cold, his town gets pneumonia. When the Big Three, or at least Chrysler and GM, seem headed for the cemetery, well, perhaps Warren Michigan will find that there is life after death and lower its taxes, work to convince the People’s Republic of Michigan to lower its taxes, and then Michigan may once again be a place that attracts rather than repels business.


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