Just the same?

Two recent murders have received quite different reactions. The first, of the abortionist George Tiller by a pro-life zealot, has generated condemnations from virtually all pro-life groups. It has also generated its fair share of liberals blaming “Christianists” and equating pro-lifers to Muslim terrorists.

The second, the murder of an Army recruiter, by a Muslim terrorist, has generated virtually no outrage in the mainstream media. Sure, no one in the MSM is celebrating the killing (although that may not be true; I haven’t checked in with MSNBC or NPR), but surely it is worth the president’s time to denounce the killing. As he vehemently denounced the killing of the abortionist.

But no, the president was silent, even given a perfect opportunity on the occasion of his announcement of his choice for Secretary of the Army. Not. One. Word.

The disparity between how the MSM deals with so-called right-wing terrorists as against Muslim terrorists is detailed by The New Republic’s James Kirchik. It’s actually worse than Kirchik writes: all sorts of stupid “security” decisions are premised on not discriminating against young Muslim men, on the grounds that Timothy McVeigh was a white Christian.

We seem also to have a huge phobia about being accused of “Islamophobia.” Said accusations coming whenever anyone criticizes any Muslim or any aspect of Islam. Or are even so foolish as to notice the religion of virtually all terrorists.

Given that there have been a few so-called Christians who have committed acts of terror, the vast numbers of Muslim terrorists are excused, not mentioned further, or, at worst, accused of having “hijacked” Islam. Perhaps. The fact remains, however, that virtually all Christians condemn murder committed in the name of Jesus. Almost no Muslims condemn murder committed in the name of Islam. Of which there are many, many, many more.

In this, Muslims are aided and abetted by the cowards in the mainstream media. Joined by our Coward-in-Chief, who, as he just said, lives in America, “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.


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