What do they have in common?

suckupThey being Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s long-time pastor-spiritual mentor-daddy figure, and the State of Israel? Why, it’s simple: both were thrown under the ObamaBus. Crunch crunch, as the wheels of the bus grind them into history and the nothingness of disassociation with The Great One.

Wright’s demise came during the primaries, when his continued anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-American ravings became too public, too embarrassing. Israel’s demise in the ObamaVerse may have come earlier, but was made public in Obama’s pandering to the Muslim world this week. While Obama has made a fetish of “listening, not dictating” to the rest of the world, that does not apply to Israel: they’ve been dictated to, ordered to “stop” the “settlements” that Palestinians claim are on their land.

Worse, Obama applied moral equivalence to the Holocaust and the “displacement” of Arabs. And, pandering to the home crowd of Arabs, made a professorial argument that saw no difference between 60 years of rejection, war, and terror by the Arabs, and self-defense by the Israelis. As for the settlements, see Charles Krauthammer’s analysis.

One point not made by Dr. K is this question: why must there be no Jews living in Arab Palestine, when over 19% of Israel’s population is Arab? One may argue that the Israeli Arabs are second-class citizens, and that’s probably true in some aspects. But here’s another question: how many of those Israeli Arabs wish to move to Gaza or the West Bank?

The heart of the matter is this: the Arab-Israeli conflict is not one of competing truths. It is one of murderous, ethnic and religious rage on the part of the Arabs against Jews on the one side, and a Jewish state that, from day one, has been trying to live in peace. No free nation should pander to any myth that claims moral equivalence. No American president should pander to terrorists and their supporters.

Unfortunately, we have one such in Barack Hussein Obama.


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