A penny for your thoughts…

This video shows the utter futility of the Obamatons march towards socialism.

It was obvious from the start that the “stimulus” would not work as advertised. It becomes more and more difficult to hide this, especially as the White House keeps claiming specific numbers of jobs “saved.” This is fun to listen to, because, in the face of 9.4% unemployment (up from the max of 8% that Obama had promised), and the certitude of millions of jobs lost, any estimate of jobs “saved” is pure fiction: there is no such statistic provided by anyone who knows anything.

As for ‘fessin’ up that the “stimulus” hasn’t worked, don’t hold your breath. Obama, God in his very person according to some, and probably to himself, will never admit to an error. In this, Obama is either very stupid, an affirmative action president and actually believes what his handlers tell him. Or, he is a too-clever by half con man and liar.


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