A tale of two papers

Today’s heinous killing of a Holocaust Museum security guard by a crazy coot of a white supremacist was written up as a straight news story by the Wall Street Journal.

The Washington Post, as is their wont, wrote the story from a racial identity perspective.

From the Journal, the identity of the slain guard waits until the fifth paragraph, where there is no mention of his race. The headline is a simple statement of the facts:

Gunman Kills Holocaust Museum Guard…Police identified the slain security guard as Stephen Tyrone Johns, 39 years old, from Temple Hills, Md.

In the entire article, there is no mention of Mr. Johns’ race or ethnicity. Which is exactly as it should be, since these had no relevance to his death. He was a security guard, and a visitor started shooting. It would not matter if Mr. Johns were white, brown, or any other color. He was a man in blue, meaning a protector of the museum and its visitors and staff.

From the Post, the teaser on their home page shows what they think is important:

Police: Suspect Is White Supremacist — Private security guard, an African American identified as Stephen Tyrone Johns, worked at museum for six years.

May The Johns family find peace, knowing that their loved one died a hero, and quite probably saved lives.

That he was African American means nothing, it neither subtracts nor adds to his heroism. Too bad the Post writers and editors don’t get that Mr. Johns was a member of the human race, first, and last.


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