“Obama Seeks Way to Acknowledge Protesters Without Alienating Ayatollah”

Should have been a waffle cone

Should have been a waffle cone

Obama, in full appeasement mode, has bowed to tyrants both literally and metaphorically. His address to “the Muslim world” was one of moral equivalence and apologies for sins allegedly committed by America. The Great One also threw in sins committed by any white or Christian person in history, ever.

Obama continues to be the coward in the Iranian unrest. Giving full obeisance to the mullahs in Iran by addressing their head thug as “Supreme Leader,” something an American should never do. Taking no stand whatsoever in the crisis. While the thugs in Iran kill and suppress their people, Obama gives utmost and unctuous support to the regime.

The headline of this post is taken from a story in the Obama-friendly WaPo. Even they’ve noticed that our president is an appeaser.

Of course, they put it “U.S. Struggling for Right Response to Iran.” No American should have a scintilla of difficulty in choosing between the Iranian people’s desire to have a free election and the “Supreme Leader’s” desire, along with his fellow thugs, to keep their people down.

Obama has come down hard on the side of tyranny. There is no better explanation.


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