Some “outrage”

From the WaPo:

President Barack Obama is expressing outrage at the violent crackdown by the Iranian government against protesters of the disputed presidential election.

There is some satisfaction in seeing the Great One now join most Americans in condemning brutality and suppression. He’s not much of a leader, that man. He follows polls, or his handlers do, and he responds appropriately. His words are pretty; his deeds, feckless.

Given that the Iranian regime is brutalizing their populace after a sham of an election, we should have nothing whatsoever to do with representatives of the regime. Not the Great One. He still wants the Iranian thugocracy’s diplos to come by and schmooze on Independence Day. One wonders why.

Major Garrett asked that question at Obama’s press conference yesterday. Obama was at his teleprompter-less inarticulate worst in his exchange with Garrett; lots of “uhs” and “hmms” and open-mouthed pauses. But the message remains the same: we, or at least the Obamatons, welcome official representatives of the thugs to dine with us at our embassies on our Independence Day.

It is one thing to open our arms and our shores to the Iranian people who are fleeing tyranny. Quite another to break bread with the tyrants.


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