Mitt looks good

Well, who woulda thunk it? Mitt Romney’s approval ratings have improved, dramatically.

I was not a Mitt Romney fan during the primaries; thought he was too stiff; too programmed. Since then, given our recession, with his hands-on, successful experience running an enterprise, he looks golden.

On foreign affairs, Mitt would almost certainly stand tall, unlike the current occupant of 1600 Pa Avenue.

Perhaps it’s the comparison with Obama that makes Mitt Romney look good. Perhaps the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, just as it did today. But, for those who would second guess John McCain’s candidacy, does anyone truly believe that any Republican could have beaten out the Numinous One?

Nope. Republicans took the hit for the economy, for the Barney Frank-Chris Dodd-caused housing collapse, for some scandals that were given much, much more mainstream media play than Democrat scandals.

Life isn’t fair, to coin a phrase. But we already knew that. Wait ’till 2012, Barack, baby. You’ll have a tougher time against a Mitt Romney, who you won’t be able to blame for the stagflation that your socialist policies will likely cause.


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