Reflection on liberty

flag1From the Thomas Paine Reader:

Instead of going forward we shall go backward, or be perpetually quarrelling or ridiculously petitioning. — We are already greater than the king wishes us to be, and will he not hereafter endeavour to make us less? …Is the power who is jealous of our prosperity a proper power to govern us?

These words, written against a tyrant of the time, King George III, resonate to this day against a new king.

Given the rapid drift into unrestrained and ineffective spending, soaring national debt, government takeover of banking, finance, and bankrupt car makers, suppression of dissent on favored programs, “cap and trade” which is a witches’ brew of toxic pork and costly regulations. The list goes on; dissent against The Anointed One, our new King Obama, is unpatriotic, racist even.

It is time to take back our flag, Americans. Starting now; prepare for the 2010 elections, wipe the smirk from King Obama’s face, and from the faces of his partners in crime in Chicago, in Congress, and his sycophants in the media. Take back Congress; take back the White House. Before irreparable harm is done to our Republic.


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