So much for full faith and credit

When you drive across state lines, your driver’s license will be honored. The principle is black-letter law, contained Article IV, Section 1 of the United States Constitution. States as a rule must honor the licenses and other permits that other states issue. So, one must ask, why wouldn’t your right to keep and bear arms, under the Federal Constitution, likewise be honored?

Because, children, liberal Democrats don’t trust the citizens of the United States. They cling, not to God and guns, but to the fantasy notion that it is law-abiding citizens who carry guns who are the problem. And, somehow, if we disarm those law-abiding citizens, criminals who don’t register their guns will also disarm themselves. One would need to be fairly blind to the illogic of it all to believe this, but, hey, we’re talking about liberals here.

Well, liberal Democrats have narrowly defeated your right to carry a concealed weapon from one state to another: even assuming you had registered and obtained the correct permit for concealment from your home state, The story is at WaPo.

Here’s some of the shenanigans as reported by the Post:

Democrats, who have traditionally championed gun control as a way to reduce crime, are suffering from their own political success over the past two elections. Schumer served as chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the 2006 and 2008 election cycles, specifically recruiting supporters of the Second Amendment to run in states where gun ownership is common. Going from 45 seats in the fall of 2006 to 60 seats this summer, Democrats now have about 25 senators who are strong supporters of gun rights.

During the debate, Schumer offered the theoretical example of a gang member in New York City moving to Vermont and establishing residency there, then buying guns and transporting them back to New York.

“The reality of that particular situation is the gang members already have their guns…. The people who need this bill are the ones that the gang members might be threatening,” countered Sen. James Webb (D-Va.), a supporter of the Second Amendment whose support from Schumer was crucial to his 2006 victory, which gave Democrats their Senate majority.

Sen. Webb has it exactly right: “The people who need this bill are the ones that the gang members might be threatening.”

What most liberals don’t seem to get is that virtually all states require registration, some sort of background check, and a mandatory safety course before a concealed-carry permit can be issued. Yes, Vermont does not, but I feel confident that the Ben and Jerry, Birkenstock-wearing, hemp-smoking crowd isn’t exactly a major threat.

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