“You don’t know who you’re messing with”

This is what the arrogant man says, when accosted by the authorities (via WaPo). Ah, the black man as perpetual victim. The black man in question is a professor at a school that long ago gave in to the whims of political correctness by hiring the man in the first place. And creating “academic” studies steeped in victimology. In case you missed it, the oh-so-important man who was arrested for resisting police is one Henry Louis Gates Jr. who is at Harvard.

Gates comes across as an arrogant schmuck, too important to follow the rules that the rest of us do. What rule, specifically? When armed police stop you and question you because they think you are acting suspiciously, don’t start shouting at them. You are not above the law, and, honestly, does anyone truly believe that Bull Connor is a cop in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2009?

The wise man controls his temper, and understands that cops respond to someone they think might be up to no good for your protection. But, as is obvious, Gates thinks that his mug should be posted, along with the warning that this man is too important to be bothered by police.

As a side note, the WaPo story notes that Gates is going to continue his life’s work: to demonstrate that black people are perpetual victims, and can’t be expected to succeed on their own. Is there any doubt that will be his conclusion?


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