“Gallery invites visitors to deface Bible” is the headline. And, this is exactly what happened, although it was (perhaps) not intended. From the story:

The Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow has invited art lovers to write their thoughts down in an open Bible on display as part of its Made in God’s Image exhibition.

Next to the Bible lie several pens with a note saying: “If you feel you have been excluded from the Bible, please write your way back into it”.

Well, I don’t know how you may feel, but I’ve always felt “excluded” from the Bible. In the sense that the Bible tells us how to attempt a right relationship with God. Key word is “attempt.” I’m not Abraham; I’m not Isaac; I’m not King David; I’m not John the Baptist. I’m certainly not St Paul. I don’t measure up.

No one can, and yet that surely doesn’t mean we should stop trying. Or attack the accepted word of God that tells us how to achieve that right relationship.

As for others who feel “excluded” because they don’t believe in God, or are not Christian or Jew, well, please read our Scriptures anyway. You might find someone or something that calls out to you.

As for those whose choices in life are at variance with what the Bible tells us God expects of us, well, it isn’t always about you. Perhaps you might consider changing, rather than attacking God’s word. At the very least, know that as a sinner, you are in good company: we all sin, we all fall short.


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