Constitutional right?

I was discussing the health care nastiness with a foreign-born and raised man, and he brought home the essential question: do Americans have a constitutional right to health care?

This man is a doctor, smart, and at the top of his profession. But he is has a European take on rights. Which is to say he expects government to tell citizens how to live their lives. And that is what the Democrats are trying to do with health care.

There are obvious inequities and problems with our health care system. But it is the mindset of Obama and his lefty minions in Congress that is the central problem. They look at health care as just another piece of the social welfare puzzle, with government experts as the answer to every question.

This is a fundamentally unamerican view. We are citizens of a free republic, and our Constitution grants explicit rights to government. Rights not enumerated therein are not given to government; they are reserved to the people. There is nothing in the Constitution that even remotely allows government to dictate that I pay for your health care. Or you pay for mine.

Which is exactly what government-run health care is about: taxing us to pay for others.

There is a moral case to be made for universal health care. That case just doesn’t happen to be consistent with our Constitution.

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