And we trust government to run health care?

What could be simpler? Turn in a car meeting a few simple and explicit criteria, get $3,500 to $4,500 cash towards the purchase of a new car. Car dealer gives you the cash; you buy the new car from said dealer. Dealer then gets reimbursed by Uncle Sam.

Except that the geniuses behind this misbegotten program couldn’t plan (the costs have more than tripled) and couldn’t execute. Car dealers are, mostly, waiting to be reimbursed. This story in the Washington Times illustrates the folly of having the government intrude into areas it should not.

This failure is not unlike the failure of most government programs that are not self-sustaining or necessary for national security. The Great Society’s “war on poverty” comes immediately to mind, along with numberless other attempts to have government do what it is not suited to do. Most recently? The non-stimulating “stimulus” bill, costing a neat trillion or so (including the interest that will come due on the funds borrowed to shove the pork out the door).

Obama and his acolytes are not teachable, however. They are too arrogant to admit that socialism does not work; that government should not get involved in things best left at the local, and, in the case of health care, personal level. And the great healthcare push of 2009 will continue, until some bastard stepchild of a regulatory-laden bill is passed.

And Democrats will cheer their victory. And we, American taxpayers, will continue to pay for the mistake we made as a nation last November.


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