Let them eat cake

It’s good to know that Obama and his family will get to escape “steamy D.C.” for a week. From CBS News:

While the health care debate continues to boil during the summer heat, President Obama and his family escaped steamy D.C. Sunday for their week-long vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

“Obama, sitting in the back seat of a black Cadillac Escalade, led the 20-car motorcade as it made the 10-mile drive from Martha’s Vineyard Regional Airport to Blue Heron Farm, where the first family will spend its first official vacation since Obama took office…”

Well and good; even socialists need time to kick back among the common folks of Martha’s Vineyard. Of whom 98.5% are white; none are unemployed (both stats according to Zipskinny.com).

Hey, just because Obama is “black” don’t mean he’s gonna hang with his homies in downtown Detroit or Southside Chicagoland. But I’ll bet he just loves that 20-car motorcade, inconveniencing those elite whiteys on the Vineyard.

And, by way of additional comparison, the federal deficit estimate has just been increased by $2 trillion. Now, we understand this is the Obama administration’s estimate. Actual results may vary, but, would anyone at this juncture bet against the deficit growing even larger?

Yes, the Obamas will have a good time on the Vineyard. Americans who will have to pay higher taxes and have lower standards of living as a result of Obama’s attempts to remake the United States into a socialist paradise, not so much.


One thought on “Let them eat cake

  1. I would bet you are one of those folks that thinks Obama is a racist, but likes to inject racial motives into things he does like you mention of Obama not wanting to hang in Detroit. Sounds like Rush Limbaugh to me.

    Let’s just hope that Obama’s vacations are more productive than the 1/3 of Bush’s Presidency that he spent on vacation.

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