Hollywood’s Jewish Avenger

Hollywood’s Jewish Avenger is a review, by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. Goldberg appears enamored of the Anglo-Saxon word for intercourse (perhaps it shows that he’s not such a mama’s boychik), but it otherwise makes for fascinating reading.

The article, ostensibly a review of Quentin Tarantino’s latest bloodfest, Inglourious Basterds, is actually about how refreshing it is to see Jews taking action, without remorse or Woody Allen-like self loathing and analysis and doubts. Taking action and killing bad guys. Along with some not-so-bad guys and gals. Although, unlike Woody Allen self-doubters, I need to ask: how many Germans were innocent?

I hope that American Jews enjoy seeing their landsmen dish it out to Nazi scum. Would that they also voted for leaders who will deal in a like fashion with today’s Nazis: Islamists and the countries that support them. But, no, they won’t. Weak-minded, kosher sheep, they will vote in overwhelming numbers for those who worship at an anti-semitic “church” and who bow to enemies of America and Israel.


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