Wisdom of The Newt

Newt Gingrich, that is. Via Contentions, the essence of the choice facing Obama:

Obama faces a choice: He can attempt to run a left-wing government against the American people. Or he can govern from the center with a large majority of Americans supporting him. He can have either his left angry or the American people angry. We will know in September which choice he has made.

My observation is that Obama has already made that choice. Socialized medicine, government takeover of major companies, attempts to push cap-and-trade economy busters down our throats, sucking up to tyrants, bowing to the Saudis, hitting Israel upside the head, being squishy on terrorists while prosecuting those who were on the front lines of our war against Islamists. The list is long, and left.

Obama is a lefty’s lefty, that much is clear. All that remains is to see if he will tack towards the center to win a second term.


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