Anyone sense a trend, here?

Van Jones is history; too bad it took an expose by members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (or are we merely knuckle-dragging, Bible-and-gun-totin’ residents of double-wides, these days?). The sordid details of Jones’ racist and communist background may be found here, courtesy Ed Driscoll.

Jones had a “czar” position, one of many, many such in the Barack Hussein Obama White House. Jones is a piece of work, and should never have had a job in any American’s administration. But then again, maybe he didn’t…

I don’t know what is worse: that the Obama team did not know of Jones’ views, or that they did, and hired him anyway. The horrible point for Americans: Obama remains as president, and his past associations (Pfleger, Ayers, Wright, Alinsky) are every bit as troubling. Again, this is a matter of judgment.

We know what Van Jones is: radical, racist, anti-American. What is Obama, that he hired such a one as Jones?


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