9/11 truther jibber-jabber

Van Jones is black, so he must be a victim. This is what seems to be the case among the bien-piensant on our left. Why, according to one Eboo Patel, Islamist, Jones was the victim:

It makes me sad and a little sick that Van Jones, the White House Green Jobs Czar, was forced to resign after being targeted by a vicious smear campaign. The Obama administration lost a brilliant mind who worked day and night to, as Van would say, “get the greenest solutions to the poorest people”.

Patel all but shouted, “it’s the Joooos!” who did in poor brother Van, working so hard for the “poorest people.”

I instantly distrust anyone who claims to be working day and night for the “people,” poorest or otherwise. There’s always that whiff of self-righteousness. When combined with wackadoodle truther bullshit, as was Jones’, it becomes obvious that this man may be “brilliant” but probably couldn’t hold down a job running a Kinkos if it required actual, practical work.

Andy McCarthy at the Corner pegs it:

I’m reading the Truther Van “smear” protests and I keep looking for the one that says, “He never said that,” or “He never signed that,” or “That audio-tape is phony.” So far, none of that. Instead we are getting “What’s a little harmless 9/11 truther jibber-jabber among Mumia fans?

Sigh. Excuse me, I’ve got to back to my evil, white ways and send some really bad cancer-causing pollutants down into the minority community…


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