Taxed Enough Already?

historyThis image via Capitalist Coffee (grand name, don’t ya think?). The numbers for this crowd of Americans who have had enough of The Great One’s chicanery and his Donk enablers in Congress vary, but this picture shows that there’s more than a few.

I saw some en route this morning, carrying hand-drawn signs, including one that is almost perfect:

Taxed Enough Already?

The point about the crowd’s numbers: not terribly important, if those numbers don’t translate into power at the ballot box. This year in Virginia (and New Jersey) we’ve got the chance to throw some cold water on Democrat plans to socialize our nation. No, Creigh Deeds, the Dem candidate for governor here, isn’t a socialist, per se. But he’s lain down with Obama, and he’s now got those socialist fleas.

Next year, if things don’t turn around, let’s all send the Dems and their Republican enablers a message: we are Americans, not your servants who exist to fund your tax cheating and limos and private planes. And, for our childrens’ sakes, stop deficit spending: we are in a deep hole, morons: stop digging.


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